A day in London

Monday 24Today we went to London, a very beautiful country in the U.K
First we had 2 hours of train to arrive there.Then we went to see the London Eye and we found a fake Spider-Man but he said hello to us.Later we went to the Big Ben but it was in works so we went to see some statues and one of them was with a system for the birds don’t do poop on it. :)Then we went to the James Park and we see animals like squirrels, ducks, swans and a lot of birds!Later we went to the Buckingham Palace and it was very big a for my impression a bit old, we eat the sandwiches there and finally we went to the shops!!!I went to the M&m’s shop, to the Lego shop, to China Town, to buy jumpers of London and then we went to a 1£ shop and to a Candy shop but other people went to clothes shops or jewellery shops.We have a great time in London with our friends, our two teachers and with Language Kingdom and we are impatient for going again!!!Hugo Puertas Ángel García and Alejandro Becares